Friday, July 16, 2010

My Anniversary

There are certain times in a person's life when they should reflect on the past. I do every year on my birthday and my kids' birthdays and at the holidays. . .

Today is my first ever wedding anniversary.

And I'm reflecting.

A lot.

My life has changed more than most people know. In the last five years, not only have I gone from a childless teenager to a mother of two beautiful little children, I've also gone from being belittled and broken by a man who didn't deserve me to being treated like royalty by my husband.

My husband loves, respects, and cherishes me. He is the man I was meant to be with and I'm so grateful that I found him.

Happy Anniversary, babe. I love you!



  1. So glad you've got a good guy now Amanda!
    My brother is getting married in August to a girl in a similar situation. Two kids from a first crappy marriage. Its kinda neat to see the surprise on her face sometimes when she recognizes how different it is to be with someone who loves and respects her, and isn't a loser. I'm glad you have that too :)

  2. It's amazing. Sometimes I'm still in shock. :o)